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Welcome to the website of Chardi Jawani, the Stanford Bhangra Team.

We are a group of passionate individuals with collective interests varying from policy-making to sailing, all drawn together by our love of bhangra. Bhangra is a traditional dance form originating from Punjab, India that today, with it’s bass-infused beats and high energy movements, has spread worldwide. In North America, there exists a competitive bhangra scene that draws the interests of countless colleges around the country, in addition to private dance academies and groups.

Chardi Jawani has sprouted from a history of success and has competed nationally. After being featured in the Times of India and placing 2nd at SoCal Bhangra, we have gained acclaim over the years and are set to have yet another great year!

If you would like to see Chardi Jawani perform for you or teach a bhangra workshop, please feel free to contact us using the information provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website. In addition to numerous on-campus performances, we enjoy spreading our love of bhangra through performances and workshops throughout the Bay Area and beyond

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Congratulations to the new team members! We were thrilled by the turnout at tryouts and the enthusiasm everyone showed. The new dancers are: Ayna Agarwal, Muthu Alagappan, Diana Hamilton, Ellen Huet, Neel Murthy, Yash Narang, Bansi Shah, Jujhaar Singh, and Neha Tahir! Our dholi will be Angad Singh.


We’re pumped for yet another great year of bhangra! The team this year will be led by Captains Rushi Talati and Varun Sivaram. Tryouts will be held Oct 3 and Oct 4 at Roble Gym 52 from 11am-1pm. Contact Rushi for more details.


We are proud to announce the new leadership for the upcoming school year--Stanford Bhangra will be led by Captain Rushi Talati and Managers Ankita Patro and Ram Sachs. Keep checking the website periodically for updates on tryouts and performance dates!


We are excited to announce the roster for CJ 08-09: Nisha Vasavada, Salima Mavani, Ankita Patro, Alisha Seam, Aruna Bharathi, Varun Rachakonda, Punit Govenji, Gautam Sharma, Ram Sachs, and Rushi Talati!


Hey Everyone! After yet another successful year, we will be holding tryouts again for the 08-09 year on October 4th (Roble Gym Studio 38) and 5th (A3C Ballroom near Old Union) from 4-6pm. Contact the team leaders for more detailed information! Chak de!


Hey Everyone! After a very successful year, We will be holding tryouts again for the 07-08 year on October 6th and 7th from 12-2pm in the A3C Ballroom. Contact the team leaders for more detailed information! Chak de!


We just won 2nd place at the CSUN Bhangra competition, now called SoCal Bhangra! Lots of pictures are available in the media section!


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